Handy Helper Freebies
by Debi

I have always enjoyed organizing my life.
Here are some useful freebies I have made for you to print and use.

TO-DO List
Roomy to-do list to print and use, complete with boxes to check off things as you complete them.

Honey-DO List
A sweet & easy way to ask your 'Honey' for jobs you need done. "Thank you, Dear" is already written at the bottom for you!

Recipe Sheets
Room for two recipes per sheet. Write recipes separately, cut the page in half to give recipes to friends, or collect your favorite recipes in a notebook or binder.

All-Occasion Gift Tags
57 gift tags per sheet, with 19 different and brightly colored designs on them. Works best with a color printer, but black & white printers will work as well.

Christmas Gift Tags-Extra Large
Christmas Gift Tags-Large
Christmas Gift Tags-Small
Christmas gift tags all feature holiday pictures. Small tags are 60 tags/20 different designs per sheet; Large tags are 18 tags, with 9 each of  2 original holiday images, and  Extra Large have 10 tags, with 5 each of 2 original holiday images per sheet.

Grocery Shopping List
Making a grocery list has never been easier! Eleven different categories are on this roomy shopping list. Filling in each category will remind you of things you may have forgotten, and having things separated into sections makes finding them in the store easier since you are not having to retrace steps to get something you forgot that was written at the end of your list.

Babysitter Helper
A wonderful way to leave phone numbers, special instructions, bedtimes, meals/snack info, etc. for your babysitter. Includes a place for your sitter to take phone messages during your absence.

Phone Numbers List
This sheet can be used to take phone messages, or as a phone number reference sheet.  Put many sheets together to create a phone number directory. You can put a separate sheet next to the phone for each family member to use. Convenient way to collect names & numbers for clubs, church groups or any organization. Simply pass it around and let each member fill in their own information.

Special Dates Organizer
For all those dates you have to remember, use this sheet to record them. Write the birthdays, anniversaries, and other special yearly events into the box, by month. First, write the day of the month that important occasion falls on, then write down what the occasion is (example: In the September box, I would write '22nd-Debi's Birthday').

Christmas Card List
Printable list to with space to record names and addresses of those you send cards to. Includes five year checklist.

Christmas Shopping List
Printable list to help you organize your gift list.

Holiday To-Do List
A handy way to keep track of all those holiday tasks. Featuring a box to check when completed.

Christmas Wish List
For kids or adults, this is an easy way to make Christmas wishes known to others.

Monthly Budget
This Handy Helper offers an easy way to organize your family finances each month. It features space to list each item on your budget and includes space to record priority, amount due, total balance, and a box to mark when paid.

School Note
A quick and easy way to send a note to school with your child. Includes space to excuse an absence, inform about pick-up, explain tardiness and more.

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