Free Original CURSORS
by Debi

These cursor sets are in small zip files.
The size given is the size of the zip file.
Just click on 'Download' to download to your hard drive.

Christmas Cursors Set  (103k)  Set of 16 animated & 3 static holiday cursors including flashing arrows, twinkling stars and much more.

Christmas Trees Cursor Set  (123k) Set of 9 static cursors and 2 animated cursors, featuring trees brightly decorated for the holidays.

Fall Tree  (3.14k)  An animated cursor of a tree whose leaves turn pretty autumn colors and drift down gently into heaps on the ground.

Weather Cursor Set (5.32k)  Various weather conditions displayed in 4 animated and 2 static cursors.

Halloween Cursor Set  (7.39k)  4 Animated and 2 static cursors for Halloween.

Roses Animated Curor   (1.9k) Animated rose cursor which changes colors.

Dancin' Flamingo Animated Cursor  (7k) Animated cursor featuring a danicing pink flamingo against a blue backgroud.

Books Animated Cursors (8.83k)  Set of 6 different colored animated book cursors.

Snacks Animated Cursors  (6.67k) Set of three yummy snacks.

Apple Tree Animated Cursor  (3.27k) An apple tree blooms and grows lots of apples.

Ballons Animated Cursor (2.11k)  A bunch of colorful balloons break free and rise up through clouds.

Flower Garden Animated Cursor (1.47k) Watch a colorful flower garden grow.

Easter Cursors (16.4k)   Set of 19 static Easter cursors, and one animated one.

Flower Pot Animated Cursors(4.8k)  Set of 3 growing flowers in pots in assorted colors.

Smiley Cursors (6.11k)   Set of 18 various colored smiley face cursors.

House Cursors (20.2k)    Set of 26 assorted colored house cursors.

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